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SOUTHEAST CLUTCH LLC accepts only VISA, MASTER CARD, E-CHECKS and PayPal, checks, money orders, and certified checks payable to SOUTHEAST CLUTCH LLC. Bank transfers also accepted; $25.00 transfer service fee will apply.


All checks will be subject to a minimum of (3) three-business days waiting period to clear with our bank. Orders will not be processed or shipped until this waiting period is over.


To eliminate this delay, please send a money order, cashier’s check, and certified check or prepay by credit card. Credit card fraud will not be tolerated.


All orders paid by credit card must be shipped to the cardholder’s billing address or verified alternate shipping address. Orders will NOT be shipped if the address provided does not match the records of the credit cardholder’s bank. Please DO NOT send cash, as we are not responsible for any loss that may occur with the US Postal Service.