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Clutch Specifications


Friction Material:
Woven Organic
Disc Size:
8 7/8 ID in Inches 1 1/32 Number of Splines 24
Kit Includes:
Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing, Alignment Tool
Part Number:



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Clutch installation  Acura CL 2.2L 2.3L 1997-1998


The Clutch system is hidraulically operated and consist of clutch disc , pressure plate , clutch release bearing and release fork . The hydraulic system consist of master cylinder,clutch release cylinder and hydraulic lines.

Clutch pedal , Adjust

  • Loosen the locknut and back off the clutch switch ( or adjusting bolt ) until it no longer touches the clutch pedal
  • loosen the locknut and rotate pushrod in or out until the speccified pedal stroke and heigth are obtained , then tighten the locknut to specification.
  • Rotate the clutch switch or adjusting bolt until it contacts the clutch pedal , then rotate an additional 1/4-1/2 turn.

  • Tighten the locknut (1) then loosen the locknut (2) and the clutch interlock switch.

  • With the clutch pedal fully depressed measure the clearence between the pedal and the floor .

  • Release the pedal 0.6 -0.8 inch and hold in place , then rotate the clutch interlock switch until the engine can start with clutch in this position .

  • Rotate the clutch interlock switch 1/4 -1/2 additional trun , then tighten the locknut 2 .

Hidraulic Clutch Sistem Bleed

  • Attach a suitabe hose to the clutch beeder screw and suspend the hose in a container of brake fluid.
  • Make sure there is an adequate supply of fluid at the clutch master cylinder , then slowly pump the clutch pedal until no more bubbles appear at the bleeder hose.
  • it may be nesessary to block the release cylinder with a large clamp during bleeding .
  • Refill the clutch master cylinder .
  • Tighten the bleeder screw .

  • Clutch Assembly , Replace .
  • Removal

  • Obtain the five digit radio theft protection code.
  • Disconnect the battery ground and positive cables.
  • Drain the transamission fluid into a suitable container.
  • Remove the battery tray and tray bracket.
  • Remove the intake air duct and air cleaner husing assembly.
  • Disconnect the connector and vacuum hoses , then remove the intake air resonator.
  • Disconnect the starter motor cables, then remove starter motor.
  • Disconnect the back-up light switch connectors.
  • remove the transamission groud cable and starter motor clabe clamp.
  • Disconnect the vehicle speed sensor connector.
  • Remove the wire harness clamp,then shift the transmission into reverse.
  • Firts remove the cable bracket ,then disconnet the cables from the top of the transmission housing .Remove both cables and the backet together.
  • Remove the clutch damper bracket mounting bolts , and raise the clutch damper bracket .
  • Remove the release cylinder , clutch line and clutch hose joint. DO NOT OPERATE CLUTCH PEDAL WITH RELEASE CYLINDER REMOVED FROM THE CLUTCH HOUSING.
  • Remove the two upper transmission mounting bolts , then the engine splash shield.
  • Loosen the front spindle nuts.
  • Loosen the wheel and tire assembly lug nuts.
  • Raise and support the front of the vehicle with jack stands.
  • Remove the wheel and tire assemblies.
  • Remove the spindle nuts.
  • Remove the cotter pin and loosen the castle nuts , then separate the ball join and lower arms on both sides.
  • Remove the rigth damper fork bolt and right radius rod.
  • Remove the driveshafts and intermediate  shaft.
  • Swing the right rigth driveshaft to the inner fender.
  • Remove the center beam and clutch cover.
  • On 2.3CL Models, remove the engine stiffener.
  • On all models , Remove the intake manifold bracket and the three rear mount bracket mounting bolts.
  • Place a floor jack under the transmission and raiser the transmission just enough to take te weight off of the mounts.
  • remove the trasnmission mount and transmission mount bracket.
  • Remove the three lower transmission mounting bolts.
  • Pull the transmission away from the engine until is clears the mainshaft.
  • install ring gear hold , acura tool No. 07LAB-PV00100, or Equivalent, to hold flywheel in position .
  • Alternately and evenly , loosen the pressure plate to flywheel attaching bolts , then remove the pressure plate and flywheel .
  • Apply a litght coating of duper high temperature urea grease the clutch disc spline.
  • Align the clutch pressure plate dowel holes with the flywheel dowels.
  • Install the pressre plate and the clutch disc to the flywheel loosely install the pressure plate to flywheel bolts.
  • Using a suitable clutch disc pilot tool , align the clutch disc.
  • Alternately and evenly tighten the pressure plate to flywheel attaching bolts in a crisscross pattern one two turnd at a time to the specified torque .
  • Remove the clutch pilot tool and the flywheel holder tool .
  • Reverse steps 1 through 32  to complete installation , noting the following:
  • A. Prior to installation , apply super high Temperature urea grease to the release bearing sliding surface of the transaxle mainshaft.Also apply grease to the release bearing inside grooves and release bearing contact surface on the fork.After completing installation , bleed the clutch hidraulic system and adjust the clutch pedal.

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